Who am I
I'm a human
How did I start
Long time ago, in May 2005 I've bought my first "camera" and it was Samsung SGH-D500 phone. These are two first shots I've took with it. Yes, I had a habit to store everything on CDs/DVDs, so I have a lot of photos since then. It is possible to see how and how long my photography vision evolved.
Photography as a hobby
Many photographers push their camera buttons for money. Like prostitutes. They take money first, sign contract, promise the result and only then do what their customer asked to. There is no freedom, there is humiliation only. I've gone another way: Do what you want, use your imagination, take pictures in a way you see this world, be independent in your decisions. And then if somebody will recognize your skills and propose a huge bag of money for your result - take it, why not? The main idea is to be art-oriented, not money-oriented.
Future plans
I wish I had more time to improve my skills in photography, lighting, post-processing. And I will try.
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